Today, there are between 50 and 60 conservators, scientists as well as museum and exhibition technicians who work closely together at the Doerner Institut. The institute is focused on the long-term preservation of cultural heritage entrusted to our care, on conservation and restoration, on art-technological research, the research and development of analytical methods, to handle art and to install exhibitions. In this context, preventive conservation is of central importance.

In spite of all preventive measures, there may from time to time occur unstable or aesthetically unsatisfying conditions, acute damages or exhibition projects which make the conservation or restoration of individual works from the collections of the Bavarian State Paintings Collections, the Pinakotheken in Bavaria necessary. The Doerner Institut traditionally takes a conservative attitude toward this subject.

Please note, that our name "Doerner Institut" is understood as a branding. Therefore, there is no English version. Use either "Doerner Institut" or "the institute".