I would like to have the media of my painting analysed. I know how difficult this is! How long will this take? How many samples are needed and what will it cost?

As one of the few institutions, the Doerner Institut is able to offer high quality paint media analyses. These analyses are time consuming and add considerable costs to the total examination costs. The most frequently used paint media are drying plant oils (such as linseed oil, poppy oil or nut oil). However, in some periods, tempera media (such as proteins and/or gums) were also added to the paints. The various paint media classes are analysed using a range of techniques that require complicated preparation (gas chromatography / mass spectrometry and ion-exchange chromatography). The resulting costs of a paint media analysis are thus at least 500 € per sample. For an accurate analysis, it is also important to take paint media samples from several representative paint layers – such as light or dark, transparent or pasty. Because paint media examinations require a more comprehensive analysis, this may lead to longer waiting and processing times of at least three months.