Both, Eibner and Gräff spoke at the Rome 1930 congress about the scientific analysis and conservation of objects of art. In 1932, the closure of the Research Institute at the Technical University was looming owing to Eibner’s imminent retirement. This and the experience from the Rome 1930 congress prompted Gräff to write a memorandum for an Analysis and Research Institute for Paintings and Other Works of the Fine Arts (Untersuchungs- und Forschungsanstalt für Gemälde und andere Werke der Bildenden Kunst). It anticipated the shape of today’s institute in its essential features. Since the reaction of the relevant authorities was to wait and see, Gräff’s plan remained only a vision. Gräff died in 1934, Eibner the following year. Eibner's Research Institute was closed. To read more about the role of Walter Gräff please download here.