The history of the Reichsinstitut which was opened on 19.07.1937 in Munich, called by the Nazis the Hauptstadt der Bewegung (Capital of the Nazi Movement) and Haupstadt der Deutschen Kunst (Capital of German Art), was hushed up and suppressed. This is all the more amazing as it was opened on the same day as the exhibition Entartete Kunst (Degenerate Art).

The finding in 2005 of all Third Reich documents related to the institute as well as other documents from recently acquired estates now allow to meticulously reconstruct both the history of the institute and the central role of its founding father, Max Doerner. The book Der Kampf um die Kunst. Max Doerner und sein Reichsinstitut für Maltechnik (The Struggle for Art. Max Doerner and his Reich Institute for Painting Technique), for the first time provides a thrilling insight into the microcosm of a unique institution.