The Doerner Institut has collected all types of painting materials for several decades. Originally intended as reference material for microscopy and other analytic methods, the collection today is a treasury of historical painting materials. Minerals, plants, earth colours, artificial pigments (such as vermilion or verdigris), synthetic organic pigments (such as Hansa Yellow or Toluidine Red), coloured lakes (such as Florentine or Madder lake), resins, waxes, glues or oils and much more are systematically recorded and thus made accessible for research purposes. In addition to thousands of individual samples, groups of samples named after their collectors or artists, such as Martius, Vogel, Bausewein, Forbes, Schütze, Troendle, Walter Schulz-Matan (1889 – 1985), Erich Buchholz (1892 – 1972) or Rupprecht Geiger (born in 1908), form distinctive focal points. Any addition to the institute’s painting materials collection is welcome! Since the collection is also intended for the benefit of future generations, sample materials for term papers, diploma theses or doctoral dissertations and similar scientific projects are provided only in well-founded cases.