Tempera painting
between 1800 and 1950

International Conference

Munich, 15--17 March 2018

sponsored by VolkswagenStiftung


To better understand the tempera revival and its consequences for 19th and 20th-century art, the conference aims to create an interdisciplinary platform for knowledge exchange. A program of lectures and poster presentations will be complemented by practical workshops on tempera painting based on historic recipes as well as guided tours to Munich galleries, where we will explore the visual effects of tempera paints in 19th and early 20th-century works of art.

To emphasise the interdisciplinary approach of the ‘Tempera Group’, the scientific committee consists of

- Art historians: Dr. Margherita d'Ayala Valva (Pisa); Dr. Matthias Krüger (Munich); Prof. Dr. Ann-Sophie Lehmann (Groningen); Prof. Dr. Giuseppina Perusini (Udine)
- Technical art historians and conservators: Dipl.-Rest. Karoline Beltinger (Zurich); Dr. Kathrin Kinseher (Munich); Dr. Jilleen Nadolny (London); Dr. Wibke Neugebauer (Munich); Dipl.-Rest. Eva Ortner M.A. (Munich); Dipl.-Rest. Renate Poggendorf (Munich); Dr. Albrecht Pohlmann (Halle); Dr. Eva Reinkowski-Häfner (Munich)
- Conservation scientists: Prof. Dr. Klaas Jan van den Berg (Amsterdam); Dr. Patrick Dietemann (Munich); Prof. Dr. Christoph Krekel (Stuttgart); Dr. Joyce Townsend (London)

The organising committee preparing the conference consists of Dr. Patrick Dietemann, Dr. Wibke Neugebauer, Renate Poggendorf, Dr. Eva Reinkowski-Häfner and Dr. Heike Stege.